So much has changed recently, in both the world at large, and in our individual worlds too.  Not a single one of us has gone through the last few months without it impacting on our lives.

I wonder what has changed in your world for the better, as well as for the worse?

We’ve all certainly been uncomfortable at times.  Whether financially, getting closer to the edge of our savings than we would previously have allowed ourselves, or in terms of our home lives and routines.

Some of us have ‘been at work’ in our pyjamas – how’s that for changing your comfort zone!  But in all seriousness, this crisis has stretched us beyond what we are used to – and in some small way we can take the silver lining from this and use our new-found bravery for good in our lives.

Tip #1

Know that things are rarely ‘the end of the world’

For example, if you have lost work and found your finances stretched thinner than usual, then this might have been a lesson in just how resourceful you can be in a crisis.

If you’ve made it through the last three months, then you are doing really well and you can keep going, knowing that you are far more resilient than maybe you realised.

Many of us worry about what still lies ahead, sometimes unconsciously in the hope that if we worry it will help us deal with more unwelcome shocks. Your mind will try to convince you that if you worry, you’ve got control and if you agonise long enough you’ll find a solution.

Worrying doesn’t help at all, all it does is stop you enjoying your day, saps your energy and keeps you awake. Focus on what you can control and once you’ve got a handle on that, let the worry go.

Easier said than done but keep checking in with what you can control as things change and you will feel much more on top of things.

Tip #2

Allow those new limits to stay, IF they are serving you

Perhaps what you have experienced over the last few months has given you a bigger, bolder zone of comfort – and if so then that’s fantastic.

If you now feel ready to seek out a new career or line of business, or even to take more time off from work to spend with your family, then there have been good things to glean from this whole experience.

Maybe you could spend a little time journaling or talking through with a friend what you would like your future to look like?

Are there changes that you would like to make to your routine, or to your family life? If so, you are not the only one.

The Office for National Statistics has been compiling weekly data throughout the Pandemic and recently focused on unhappiness. It found that 1 in 4 adults are now planning big life changes, in some cases in more than one area of their life.

42% of those want to make a change at work, 38% are looking to move on from a relationship and 35% would like to move home.

Tip #3

You don’t have to over stretch your limits – listen to your gut

With all of that said, it is also completely fine if nothing has changed for you at all.  The most important thing is to know where your limits are – often we don’t recognise our limits until we go beyond them.

The last few months will likely to have confused you, and perhaps you are left wondering how much of recent life has been lived outside of your comfort zone.

The best suggestion I have here is to get out of your own head when you aren’t sure how you feel.  Your gut instinct will know the answer when your mind doesn’t.

If the answer is that you do want to make changes, break it down into what you want or need and start with small steps, to take you out of your everyday and familiar ‘bubble’.

Nothing too challenging to start with, but the more you attempt, the easier it gets and the braver you become.

Would you like to know more about how to establish your comfort zone, and use it as a yard stick for decision-making and living life well?

My book, Working With Your Comfort Zone is available on Amazon Kindle, and could give you more perspective on what’s important to you going forward.

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