8 Burnout Prevention Tools

While a small amount of stress is a good thing and can actually work as a performance enhancer, persistent stress can ultimately wear you down.

Terms such as ‘burnout’ and ‘adrenal fatigue’ are not something you are likely to hear from your GP, as they are relatively new terms.  But you will now read about this kind of stress-related exhaustion in any wellness magazine – it is becoming quite widespread in our society.  You may have experienced it yourself already.

So I have 8 simple tools you can try at home to help you prevent burnout, or if you are already there, these may help you with your recovery too.

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The Achievement Diary

Have you ever experienced the dreaded ‘Imposter Syndrome’?

Even after all this time, we still have a little of the caveman inside us!  Our brains are wired to look for danger – it’s just self preservation really.  But in our modern lives this constant scanning for danger isn’t always appropriate.  Take a typical day at the office for example…

You could do 9 or 10 awesome and productive things with your day, and then maybe you also do 1 thing that wasn’t so great.  When you go home at night, what does your busy, anxious mind obsess over?  That 1 thing, am I right?  We worry about losing our job, income and ultimately not surviving because we focus on the danger.  So how do we stop thinking like cavemen?

We need to flip our perspective and remember how capable we really are.  This is where the Achievement Diary comes in.  This is a simple tool to get you thinking about all the ways you are awesome.  It’s a simple perspective shift, but one we wouldn’t make for ourselves without this reminder.

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