Okay, so the first month of 2019 is coming to an end, and your resolutions, wishes, goals and desires are all a bit ‘up in the air’. In fact, the promises you made to yourself faded about as fast as that New Year’s excitement. So what went wrong with your plans? If you are anything like my clients, who are nice, normal people… So basically, if you are a nice, normal person, then you probably found that daily responsibilities and real life got in the way of your dreams and goals. But that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve them – far from it. What it means is that your time is precious and you haven’t got all day to write in your journal and make plans.
You need simple, actionable, common-sense strategy. And it needs to fit around your daily life.
Now, there is no one template I can give you. That wouldn’t work – our lives are each too different. You need to create your own strategy to achieve your biggest goals. While I can’t do that for you in a free challenge, I can guide you and get you started. If you’d like to plan your 2019 life strategy with my help, then for February only, you have the chance to do just that. During this free challenge, with my help you will:
  • Get clear on your priorities
  • Understand the driving force behind your dreams, and how to use that as a motivator when the going gets tough
  • Make a contingency plan for dealing with problems along the way
  • Set micro-goals you can stick to, without the overwhelm
  • Make as much progress as you feel ready for
We will be covering 4 key areas; finances, relationships, friends and family, and work.
Here's how to get started with the challenge:
Step 1 – sign up for the challenge emails and join my friendly Facebook group - Life, Love, Food (and any other stuff).  My group members always join in my challenges, and in between we share fun stuff and motivate each other!

Step 2 – go out and buy yourself the nicest notepad or journal you can find. Go on, I’m giving you permission to go stationary shopping 😉

Step 3 – Join in! I will be posting little strategy tasks for you to complete, and talking to you on Facebook live within our group. Let’s get your life on the best possible track in 2019.