Here are a few comments from past and present clients:

Thank you for listening to me and asking me the right questions! My head was so full of stuff I couldn’t get my thoughts into any order.

Because of our sessions I’ve stopped being so hard on myself and I’ve stopped comparing myself to friends and co-workers. And I write down my thoughts.

I’ve now got a clearer head to make some proper plans, to enjoy myself and I’ve set some goals for myself, for the first time ever.

Hayley, Bromley

I called Toni when I felt stuck and unsure how to deal with an ongoing work problem that was taking over my life. We talked it through at length and Toni asked me lots of questions. It felt that she understood what I meant from the first time I spoke to her.

I had 6 sessions and by about session 3 I had resolved the problem and also decided that I didn’t want to work for such a toxic company, that shocked me a bit as I hadn’t realised how unhappy I felt.

At the end of session 6 I felt properly happy for the first time in 2 years. I’m now going back for more coaching to plan what I am going to do next.

Bea, London

Toni has been instrumental in helping me through a rather demanding career change.

When I met her I was in a state of complete overwhelm, to the point where paralysis had begun to take over. I was also dealing with some complicated personal issues and the two areas were getting very tangled in my head. Six months on I’ve made significant progress and managed to cut through the noise that was constantly jangling away in the back of my mind.

Toni’s strengths are many but include her empathy, her natural intuition and her non-judgmental, supportive approach. I just really feels she ‘gets’ me. I leave our sessions feeling re-energised and gung ho about life rather than bogged down by it.

I’m now in the process of launching a new business, which previously would have felt impossible, but with Toni alongside I genuinely feel I’m capable of anything.

Emma, London

I contacted Toni as I needed some clarity as to what to do with my life. Since I’d been made redundant 9 years ago, it felt as though I’d been reacting to work, taking paid jobs for fear of ending up with no income. I’d had an idea for a new business a couple of years ago but hadn’t taken it any further.

On meeting Toni, she ‘got’ me straight away and we spent the sessions exploring my barriers to success, my skills and strengths and a plan of action. 

Six months on, my business is coming along nicely! And now, whenever I feel overwhelmed with this new career, Toni’s coaching has enabled me to acknowledge the hurdles, not let past feelings of unconfidence cloud this project and to stay focused. Toni brings her years of experience to the sessions, is intuitive, insightful and hits the target each time! I would thoroughly recommend her particularly if you are self-employed or in the creative industries. 

Moira, London


In early 2018  when the height of "being stuck" had reached its peak, I was determined for this feeling not to continue. I went on a long search, on the Internet of course, for a coach and after going through many profiles I finally came across Toni's. After going onto her website and reading her blog I had a hunch that she may be the person I have been looking for.

I knew Toni was the coach for me even before our first meeting. During our initial phone conversation she listened so attentively and with such compassion that I knew she got me and my situation straightaway. It made me feel as though someone was finally listening to me and that made me feel confident that I was going in the right direction. I knew I was about to step into a phase of progress in my life and with Toni's help, that is what has happened. I always walk away from our session feeling positive and uplifted even if I may have come in feeling neutral or gloomy beforehand.

She is an amazing coach who really cares and I feel so fortunate to have her support in my life. When she speaks I listen and has been very inspirational to me as I move forward in figuring out and making key decisions in my life. I have been raving on about her to my friends since our first session and don’t think I will stop anytime soon.

Sarah, London

Following a demanding couple of years, a combination of problems at work and an exciting but stressful time in my personal life, I suddenly found myself in unchartered territory. It was hard to pinpoint what was wrong, I am in my late forties and it was as though the foundations I had built my life on had lost their meaning and I started to question everything. It manifested itself in a low mood, a lack of purpose and I felt like I had lost my spirit. As a person with good self-awareness and emotional intelligence, I initially thought I could cope on my own but as the months ticked by, I knew it was time to reach out.

I did a bit of research into coaching and fortunately it led me to Toni’s website, in our first conversation, I knew I had made the right decision in seeking help and I had found the right coach to work with.

The coaching experience is a journey and Toni was attuned to the highs and lows I experienced along the way, gently helping me to open up and unlock things which were holding me back but also working in a dynamic and interactive way so I could move forward.

I have found a renewed purpose and a new sense of peace, so the coaching has not only brought me back to my old self but been the catalyst for shedding a skin I no longer needed. I can highly recommend Toni as a coach, the work has been integral to reviewing and rediscovering how I want my life to be and how to make it happen.

Katy, London

When I first went to Toni, I was really struggling with the pressure of being a working, single mother, with what I could only imagine would be a terrifying and messy divorce looming. I was so afraid of the future that it was clouding my present day to day life and things were really getting on top of me.

Talking to Toni made me realise that having someone completely neutral to chat through everything with was exactly what I needed. Being able to say things in a safe space, without judgment and without me feeling as though I was boring her (!) made it so much easier for me to focus on where my real problems were and how to work on tackling them.

Toni is a soothing, comforting presence and through my sessions with her my courage is restored, and I've found the faith in myself that I thought I had lost forever. Whilst things in my life aren't completely sorted out at this point, I know they will be and the fear that was causing me such anxiety has lifted.

I'm excited to see what the next year brings.

Jen, St Albans

Toni is inspirational, encouraging and I find her very easy to talk to. It's not like talking to a friend as she doesn't judge what I am saying, she listens and then asks me questions. That's when I start to think about the decisions I want to make.

If I'm having a bad day on the way to the session, I feel at ease when Toni opens the door. I would recommend Toni 100%.

Charlie, London

I loved working with Toni, she has really helped me to see things clearly. She is like a Personal Trainer for my mind, when I finish a session with her I am buzzing and raring to get on with things.

I've definitely stopped putting things off since working with Toni and I would highly recommend her as a Coach.

Jayne, Kent

Toni is a very good listener and is able to pick up on key points. I found I was able to clarify some concerns and issues and then put in place some strategies to help. She encouraged me to talk about anything at all and not just about what I thought was important.

I would have no hesitation in recommending her.

Mark, London

When I first went to see Toni, I was at a point in my life where I knew I really needed to make some really big decisions and positive changes. With Toni's help, I was able to face the issues that I knew (deep down) were holding me back but I kept circling around (literally for years).

I am now making some of those changes and looking to move forward with renewed energy and will continue to work with Toni over the next year.

Elizabeth, London

As a Consultant, I work on my own a lot of the time which is great, but it also means that I don't get to have a sounding board for ideas and plans. Working with Toni as my Life Coach has meant I can get some reflection into my life.

This different dimension has made a real impact on both a work and personal basis. What has made a real difference though is Toni's ability to get me to think about the things that really matter in my life and focus on them.

I see my time with Toni as valuable as any client meeting and I believe that if you are looking to make more of your life then Toni will definitely help you to achieve this.

David, London

From the beginning of our coaching, Toni seemed to understand what I was talking about and how I was feeling. She offered me space to look ahead and work out helpful ways of going forward. I feel I have dealt with things from my past and I have moved forward.

I am able to cope better with each day and I feel positive and enthusiastic about the future. Toni is easy to talk to and I would highly recommend working with her.

Lisa, London

I was going through a very difficult time in my life having broken up with my partner of 4 years, moving home and a new job. Having had traditional forms of therapy which established why I was feeling so depressed, nothing really gave me an answer to how I could overcome my feelings. This is where Toni stepped in.

I can honestly say she has shown me how to react to my feelings and her support got me through some pretty bad times. Thank you Toni x.

Alison, Hemingford, Abbots

As a result of life coaching, I have now found the ability to look at lots of different perspectives in life and approach things in a totally different manner. I can now proceed situations a lot quicker but also now take my time to consider the situation more and not be so reactive, which in turn has helped both in my personal and professional relationships.

Toni has a calm, relaxed attitude and a very open not judging approach to life coaching. I found that no subject was off limits and I'd often leave with a completely different problem solved as well as the initial one!

Traci, London