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When I was a teenager, I used to read Jackie Magazine.  I’m sure my mum didn’t realise that the content was a bit too ‘young adult’ when I was only just young teen.  But hey, I was grateful to be able to learn about this older ‘cool girl’ stuff and it was probably quite tame by today’s standards.

I especially liked the Cathy and Claire agony aunt page.  This wasn’t just interesting and educational (and juicy), but reading about what other people were struggling with, and the agony aunts’ responses, answered some questions I didn’t even know I had. 

As I got a bit older, it also helped me to feel less isolated. There is a huge sense of relief that comes from learning that you are not alone in your struggles – especially when it comes to the stuff that’s harder to talk about with friends and family – I didn’t want to ask my Mum because I felt too embarrassed and I didn’t want to ask friends because I didn’t want to be ‘the one that didn’t know’.

The C&C page was a bit like having an older friend or sister and I honestly now feel that I would like to start a bit of a revival of that agony aunt style advice.  There are loads of things that I’d like to ask somebody else, so long as I could do it anonymously!

How about you? Do you know what you would talk about if you could do so in an anonymous and safe way?

I’ve noticed that since lockdown, some women are less keen to book Zoom coaching sessions. It’s harder to talk freely when you know that there is only a thin door between you and your family in the next room or sometimes at the other end of the room.

I’ve even had the odd conversation and also emails from somebody on the phone from her bathroom, desperate as she was to speak in private.

By the way – it’s okay if you chuckled a bit about that.  She wasn’t in any danger.  She was just feeling that it was the only place to get a bit of peace and quiet and she wanted to vent a bit. She couldn’t believe how loud her husband was in his work Zoom calls and she had to get away as he was booming out all over the house and it was getting on her nerves.

She also wanted peace away from the little ears listening and little hands tugging at her clothes for attention, asking for yet another snack. Does any of that seem familiar?

Post Lockdown Life

Being in closer than usual proximity to our loved ones, and for many of us losing our usual income, has meant that fundamental things about our lives are changing.  You might be rethinking your career path, where you live, or possibly even your relationship.  I want to be able to help you wherever you are right now, with figuring out what comes next for you.

There might be some questions you are too afraid to ask your friends. So maybe being able to talk confidentially would suit you better?

As we move into a different normal, my biggest wish for you is that you can embrace new possibilities.  Many of us were a little stuck in a routine before Covid shook that up.  Now that the pieces of our lives are coming back down to Earth, we might want to re-organise them a little.

Maybe we want to re-organise them a lot.

I’d love to hear what you need

As a life coach, the best way for me to serve you is to ask what you need, not to assume that I know what you need.  So would you like to help guide me on what kind of help I offer next?

I’m thinking that with the recent financial hit we’ve all taken, it would be good to offer something low priced, and not your typical coaching sessions.  Some people, like the client I mentioned above, have a better chance of being able to send a quick email from the toilet rather than talking to me on Zoom for an hour, as going to the bathroom is their only chance to get 5 minutes to themselves.

So what kind of help would you most appreciate right now?  Please do leave me a comment and share any suggestions you have or if you want to do that privately send me a message.

In the coming weeks I’m going to be developing those ideas further and bringing in more ways to ask me questions in confidence, almost like an agony aunt.  But I won’t be printing the answers like Jackie Magazine, I’m old school but that’s a bit too retro now, even for me.

I think I’ve worked out a way to do it so more about that in the coming weeks…

All my best, would love to hear from you


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