We usually spend the summer busier than we expected. During the winter we sit at our work desks, dreaming of lazy summer days and time to read books, take long walks, and generally enjoy life more. The days are longer, so we expect our leisure time to be longer to.

Talk about expectation versus reality!

So here’s what actually happens in the summer…

Either we are parents, suddenly faced with 6 weeks of entertaining the kids 24/7 while the schools are closed – while juggling our work and other commitments.

Or we are the colleagues of parents, taking on more of the extra and last minute stuff at work, while our team mates with kids have all the summer holiday stuff going on.

Either way, none of us usually find the time for relaxing in the way we had imagined and looked forward to.

The simple truth is that leisure time isn’t just found anymore. If you fall into the parent camp then you may find yourself looking at your kids, fondly remembering when 6 weeks of school holidays felt like the greatest freedom ever!

Do you remember that feeling? I do – I even remember boredom. As an adult in today’s busy, if we are bored then that probably means we forgot something important that we should be doing!

So I want you to claim back a little bit of that lost freedom, and this is what my September Freedom Challenge is all about. You’ve worked hard for half of this year already, and just before we fall into the second half of the year, which is all about festivities and family, this is an opportunity to pause and reset yourself.

But you must make time for it – it won’t just happen!

Throughout September I invite you to join my challenge group, where I will give you regular reminders, inspiration and little fun tasks to get you focusing on yourself for once.

If you ever feel that freedom is for other people, then this challenge is for you. We are going to free up some ‘YOU’ space in your life!

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