No need to panic, but do get prepared

Okay let me say right from the beginning, this is purely about planning and being strategic and is not meant to panic you in any way.

My aim for today is to get you thinking ahead for the next few weeks and months, in a proactive and positive way. With winter on the horizon and the global pandemic still ongoing, we need to be prepared that there may be more disruption to our lives in the near future.

The spring lockdown was a total shock to the system for so many of us.  Having never lived through such a thing before, and with things like panic-buying and conspiracy-theories keeping us awake at night – we were not prepared for the uncertainty that was thrust upon us.

Now that we have been through what I genuinely hope was the worst of it, we can be so much better prepared with what we already know – should winter require us to stay home again.

So let’s talk strategy…

What was your one thing?

Most of us had at least one big complaint during lockdown. Maybe it was an overall lack of personal space. Maybe it was hard to find enough space to work from home. Perhaps it was the loss of your usual routine. Maybe it was all of the above with a few others thrown in.

Whatever it was for you, start putting a plan B in place now. How could you do that thing differently? What would you need to put into place to make things run more smoothly for you?

Find something positive and constructive you can fall back on should the worst happen again.

And make it work for you.

Flip your negatives

Now that we’ve talked about something to plan for – how about switching up some of those smaller negative things that might be on your mind?

If it’s about money for example, if you have less funds coming in can you plan a DIY Christmas this year? If you’ve ever thought that making your own gifts and decorations was a good idea, then this year is the perfect opportunity.

How about finding a new business opportunity, could you turn a hobby into a sideline? Maybe you have always wanted to write a book, or try your hand at becoming an Amazon seller. There are a million productive things you could be doing, no matter how small. It’s all about deciding to do it and getting started.

Be bold and get your creative head on!

Don’t fight with your household or family (again)

I’ve heard from so many people about their struggles with the lack of personal space from lockdown.

Do you remember the lady who emailed me from her bathroom, just to get a few minutes peace?  Yep, this is the lack of personal space I’m talking about.

Last spring, while we were reeling from the shock of the pandemic, we didn’t always have the mental capacity to rebuild ourselves new routines and boundaries – but maybe now we do.

What I’m suggesting is that you and your household have a ‘relaxed’ meeting, share what you need from each other this winter, and put steps in place to make living and working under one roof more bearable.

It might not be perfect, but it can be better!

If we think ahead a little now, we can make the best of a challenging situation and see out the year with our sanity in tact and hopefully have some fun while doing it.

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