If you are job hunting then being slow and thorough is your best strategy

I’ve heard from several clients, and a couple of friends too, that applying for jobs right now feels similar to the race to buy Glastonbury tickets.

Have you ever tried to buy those tickets?  The queues get crazy, and you can find yourself refreshing your computer screen every minute.

With the job market right now, from what I’m hearing, people are rushing to apply for anything that’s going.  A good friend of mine has been looking for jobs and seeing that applications are closing early.  We thought maybe it was because the company can’t cope with the influx of applications or maybe they are suddenly putting recruitment on hold again.

But she also noted that often, she will see those same jobs open up for more applications again days later.  This led us both to question if those first few hundred applications were rushed, and perhaps not from the right people.

Whenever resources are stretched, just like with our economy right now, there is of course a natural response for us to rush to get what we can – and this applies to jobs too.

Job seekers often jump at the first available opportunity or go into the search without taking the time to really think through what they want to do next. The luxury of time obviously depends on your circumstances – if the search is urgent because you’ve lost your job and need to get some money coming in, then you may not feel that you have much time.

In that case, perhaps you could take on a job that will bring some money in as a stopgap even if its not your perfect job and then take the time to think about your longer term plan?

If you are job hunting then I want to encourage you to take your time with your application, so that you stand out, and also not to be discouraged if applications close early before you apply – if you keep your eyes peeled, they might open up again.

It’s tough out there – go in prepared

There is no denying that it’s tough out there.  So making sure you are well prepared is key. I know people who have sent off lots of applications and don’t even receive a reply, it can be so disheartening.

To make sure you haven’t missed anything, have you asked a trusted and impartial person to look over your application?  Have you written something that ticks all the boxes in the job advertisement?

Getting a second pair of eyes before you send that application can be make or break.

On the other hand, if you are able to put your job search on hold you may want to wait it out a bit, perhaps improving your skills and reaching out to your network to hear about future opportunities.

Could you perhaps take some time to reflect on what companies you would love to work for and who you can send your CV to, for when they are recruiting?

They may not be hiring today but once they are up to speed with the new logistics and the routine of their changing workforce, you might be exactly the person they are looking for.

Sending you the best of luck and if I can be of any use to you to help you gain some clarity whilst you try to figure out what you want to do, then drop me an email!

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