Hit the mid-year reset button and re-align with your goals this summer

We typically associate goals and checking in with ourselves with the excitement of New Year’s Eve.

That promise of a whole new 12 months on the calendar… and sometimes, that remorseful New Year’s Day pledge to never drink again and to ‘really’ get fitter this year.

But it’s summer now, and the winter festivities were so long ago.

So where are you on those goals you had?

I don’t ask to shame you if you’ve not conquered the world before hitting the beach for a well-earned break. I’m simply pointing out that an annual course-correction is never going to work.

Our lives are so busy and distracting that we need regular check ins with ourselves, and we could all benefit from more support in reaching our goals. So that’s what I’m here for, to give you a little encouragement and a boost in the right direction.

Think back to the last day of 2017 – what were you wishing for?

If those things stayed a wish rather than a goal (or current achievement), then the missing ingredient is a plan. Some achievable steps to bridge the gap between an idea and a reality.

Enter stage left – your summer holiday!

I think that the summer holidays are a wonderful time to take stock and get back on track with your plans for the year. It’s roughly the half-way point for 2018, and there is an abundance of blue sky to give you a positivity boost.

I know that ‘blue sky thinking’ has a bad reputation for being fluffy or indulgent. Maybe someone once told you your dreams were unrealistic. Personally, I’ve often found that those naysayers, who often brand themselves as “realists”, are in reality just a bit narrow-minded and grumpy. Sometimes they are even jealous. So don’t let them put you off.

Has there ever been a better time than now, in this surprising heat wave, to lie back on your sun lounger and allow yourself to imagine a brighter future?

If you could shut the “realists” (grumpy naysayers) out for 10 minutes and just listen to your inner guidance – what would you love to be working towards? And no, I’m not encouraging you to indulge in some over the top fantasy about owning a private island. I’m asking if you have a goal, a mission, or a calling to do something big with your life.

If you do, and if it’s within the realms of possibility, then you just need to make a sensible plan. The key really is to chunk it down. This would be the perfect time for an example!

Let’s say you wanted to switch careers. This might require you to take training, maybe an evening class for a while which would require some budget. It might mean changes to your daily life, including who looks after the kids, or who walks the dog on the evenings you need to study.

If you look at the whole big picture it is really easy to get pulled into the enormity of the situation. Money, time, childcare and other responsibilities make it feel impossible. But wait a minute…

What if you chunked down each issue and looked at just one at a time. Start with the smallest – who will walk the dog? There are many online sites for dog walking and pet sitting, and some of them don’t charge. If by some amazing coincidence my example is your exact problem, do check out BorrowMyDoggy.com – some people will walk your dog for free.

Once one problem is solved in theory, write that down and tick it off as addressed. Then you can tackle the next issue. When all the separate chunks have been addressed, then it’s safe to take a deep breath and look at the big picture again. Sure, it might still be a challenge, but it’s no longer as impossible as it once seemed.

If you get some holiday time this summer, why not take a journal with you and work out a plan for your own big dream. Turn it into a goal with realistic steps, and head towards the next New Year knowing that the world is your oyster.






2 thoughts on “Hit the mid-year reset button and re-align with your goals this summer”

  1. Another great blog!
    I find Life Coaching plus Bullet Journalling a helpful way to help focus on my goals and dreams
    Current goals – set up my own YouTube channel and study Reiki 2 – I am pleased to be able to say both are well underway.
    Thanks Toni x

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