Focusing on resilience – what are your silver linings?

Over the last few months, due to ‘that thing we are all bored of talking about’, we’ve gained new skills – one of the many silver linings that are currently surrounding us.

When the world is going crazy all around, we really need to focus on strength and positivity.  So today’s post is about moving forward with our new skills, and really making next year all the better for it.

So what have you learned?  From lockdown home haircuts, to gardening, knitting, new languages and all things home related, I’ve heard some fantastic examples of blossoming new skills, often carried out on a budget.

Some people don’t think they have learnt that much as they haven’t gone out specifically to find a new skill but they have found that they are much more capable and more resilient than they realised.

Then there is the work and business side of things. Some of my small business clients and friends have had to pivot really quickly, from being an in-person people facing business, to finding ways to offer their services entirely virtually.

Before lockdown I hadn’t coached that much on Zoom, only using it for people that lived far away, but now it seems as normal as having my client in the same room.

Of course this is not possible for every business – but I’ve been surprised by how many have managed, and how much flexibility that they’ve shown.

Of all the new habits we’ve collectively adopted, many of us are now better cooks or gardeners, and a lot of us have found ways to trim our outgoings and save money too.

I think now is a great time to take stock of what we’ve achieved through this tough period, and assess which new habits are going to become life-long for us and help us succeed in the future.

Are you ready to start looking forward again?

Tip #1

List what you are most proud of from this time

If you look back over the last few months – what have you handled well?

Make a list of your new skills, maybe they are money-saving or sanity-saving ones – and be proud of how well you have done.

Tip #2

What are you taking into 2021?

Of those new things you have been doing – which new habits will you keep?

If you’ve found ways to save money, then it could be fun to think of how you will keep that up, even when your normal income returns, and what you could save that extra money towards.

I know a lot of people are missing holidays, so maybe that’s an idea.  Or perhaps after months of lockdown you are considering working towards a bigger home or a place with outside space.

Tip #3

What treats have you missed during lockdown?

It’s a common misconception that resilience is all about toughing things out.  Sure, that’s the case in the midst of a life or death crisis.  But toughing it out for prolonged periods of time does chip away at our mental health.

Keeping your resilience up in the long run is about being smart, and balancing the toughing it out parts with self-care and recharging your batteries.

So with that said, as always, self-care is a smart and strategic thing to bring in, and I recommend time-blocking some into your weekly calendar.

As lockdown eases, some of the most sought-after self-care things will be those treats we couldn’t have during the height of the pandemic.  A pedicure and a bit of time to myself is high up on my list!  How about you?

As you start to look forward it is inevitable that you will be looking at what is important in your life and what is no longer as important as it used to be.

If you would like me to help you to gain clarity around your thoughts, why not book a free consultation with me and we can have a chat about what life looks like going forward for you.

How’s that sound?

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