Expect Good Things – Be More Cat

The Egyptians worshipped them as Gods, and today us ‘modern’ folk are totally under the paw too. Whether you are a cat lover or not, read on, as this isn’t really about cats. Today I’m talking about how cats do life, as we can all learn a lesson from them. Yes, even dog people can benefit from being more cat.

So, you might be wondering how this cat-themed post isn’t really about cats. So let’s start with addressing this! I think cats are a great analogy for doing life with a positive, confident attitude.

I know that not everybody loves cats, and that some people find them arrogant. Heck, some cats are arrogant. But I want you to think for moment about a cat that you really like. He’s friendly, happy and relaxed. He doesn’t sit on command like a dog would, do tricks or jump through any hoops for his food. His food just comes to him while he goes about his business of being a cat. He expects good things, and barring a natural disaster, those good things come to him.

He’s mindful too. When it’s sunny he finds a warm spot to sit and soak up some rays. When the birds are singing, he is listening. Then there are his boundaries. Sometimes he wants company and fuss, other times he will take himself off to chill out in the linen cupboard – despite who else in the house might desire his company.

He’s not worried about what other people think of him. He focuses on doing what he needs to do, enjoying life, and the rest takes care of itself.

Now don’t get me wrong – I know that humans cannot live like house pets. Nobody is going to put a bowl of cat food (thankfully) in front of us twice a day, or carry us in a special box to our medical appointments! But there is something we can take from this that translates into the context of our own lives.

As far as we can tell, the average happy house cat doesn’t worry about what is outside of his control…. But you know what? Life carries on. My point is that when we worry about what we can’t control, it is really rather pointless. The act of worrying changes nothing. Further more, it is a complete waste of time and energy.

For the most advanced species on the planet with the most evolved brains, sometimes that extra capacity for thinking can be more of a hindrance. I’m not suggesting we stop thinking, or go for an elective lobotomy – just that we could be a little more mindful of when our thinking isn’t serving us.

I’m sure my cats don’t overthink anything – and they seem happy.

Something that is really lovely about all animals, and children too, is that they live in the moment. Mindfulness and presence is their default setting, and it’s really refreshing to be around.

So to me, being more cat is about being more present and accepting of life.

Have the confidence to know that life will carry on, even if you don’t overthink every tiny detail of it. Be mindful enough to notice the birds singing. And if it is a sunny day, take a leaf out of the cat’s book and find a warm spot to sit and enjoy it.

Above all, expect that what you need will come to you. On the rare occasion that it doesn’t, the fact that you haven’t gone through life exhausted from overthinking will stand you in a better position to be resourceful in a moment of crisis.


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