Embrace a little change, feel a little more freedom

Autumn is really rather beautiful. All those red leaves and frosty mornings make everywhere look like a giant Pinterest board.

But it’s funny that when you think about it, that beauty comes from the leaves dying and the summer going away for the year. Letting go and endings are things that we tend to get awkward about. We think about the end of relationships, loss and then change – which most people are at least a little afraid of on some level.

So then why is autumn so romanticised by us? Well, I think there is a little lesson about perspective in here.

Endings can be amazingly good for us. The changing seasons are a great metaphor for this. Mother nature is a brilliant teacher after all.

We like to hang onto the things and the people in our lives, exactly as they are, now and forever. We fear change and crave security, predictability, and the sense of safety that it brings. That’s fine, it’s human. But I think the lesson in here is to stay flexible with the changes that life throws at us for the sake of our happiness.

When you look at autumn you could choose to see dead leaves, dying perennial plants and shorter days. Or you could choose to focus on the beautiful colours and the smell of fresher air in the mornings. You could enjoy being able to sleep under your duvet again, now that our crazy summer is over. You could enjoy hot baths, warm bowls of soup and your favourite jumper.

If you are facing changes in your life right now then you might be feeling a little insecure and nervous about what lies ahead. So let me say again, that’s human and completely fine. But where you can help yourself here is to choose where to direct your focus. For example, if you are moving house, one of the most stressful changes we experience, then perhaps you could focus on enjoying the new house, rather than missing the old one.

For another example, if you are changing jobs then you are likely a little worried about all the new things you will need to learn. Interestingly, a lot of people stay in jobs for longer than they want to out of their worry about fitting in at a new place of work and learning all the new processes. So instead of worrying and holding yourself back, how about focusing on enjoying the challenge of learning something new?

Do you remember that feeling at the start of a new term of school or university? If you were anything like me you were a little nervous, but you were also really excited about all the new stationary you just got, and how organised you felt at the start of the term.

So now I’ve sold you on change (maybe), how about a few ideas to use change for good to feel a little more freedom in your life?

  1. Clear out your wardrobe

After a hot summer, all your autumn and winter clothes are probably either packed away or just pushed to the back of the wardrobe.

Rather than digging for warmer clothes to wear now the weather is changing, how about reorganising your wardrobe? I like this as it makes me feel organised in much the same way as new stationary at the start of the new school year did!

I also usually find cold weather clothes that I had totally forgotten about over the summer. It’s almost a good as buying something new! 

  1. Social media clean up

I’m sure you have some Facebook pages that you follow and no longer enjoy. There’s a lot of click bait and negativity out there now. So how about unfollowing some things that no longer inspire you, and maybe finding some new, more uplifting content to read instead?

Bored of Facebook altogether? I’ve just discovered the Medium.com app and am loving the articles in my feed.

  1. Make a small, sustainable health change

Now I’m really not one for strict diets of crazy exercise regimes – so don’t worry! I’m a fan of the more subtle food swaps that don’t make us crazy, like those hard detox diets do. Something I’ve worked on lately is cutting down a little (not a lot) on my caffeine and having a little more water instead.

Most people rely on their tea or coffee in the morning to get them moving, and that’s perfectly fine. But I have noticed with both myself and some of my clients that when there is too much caffeine being consumed, anxiety sets in. We need to be alert, not hyped up, so I’m aiming for moderation and recommending it to anyone who will listen!

So how about you? Is there a small change you would like to make? Let me know in the comments.

P.S.  If you’d like a little help with feeling a greater sense of freedom…

At the beginning of September I started a month-long challenge to get a group of like-minded people feeling like their best selves again.

Do you remember that feeling you had as a kid in the summer holidays – that sense of endless freedom? My aim is to get that feeling back for us adults too.

It’s called the September Freedom Challenge, and each week I will be sharing an inspirational story, a simple task as homework, and checking in with you along the way. We still have half the month left, so there is still plenty of time to join in and start feeling more free!

If that sounds fun to you, then I would love for you to join me. Head here to sign up!

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