About Me

Before qualifying as a Life Coach, my working life was pretty varied. I left school at 16 to work in a bank, then a newspaper before going on to organise events and exhibitions.

In 1995, I co-founded a design and advertising agency and became a Producer and a Stylist. Using these skills, I went on to open a Lifestyle shop.

Quite varied roles but the one thing that linked them all was that I found that colleagues and clients confided in me and asked for advice. I really enjoyed helping them find solutions and that’s what led me to train as a Life Coach.

I have experienced the sort of life stuff that people go through every day including redundancy, a divorce, loss of family and friends and at times, I’ve also felt stuck, unhappy and had self doubt.

I am married, have two cats and live in Dulwich, South London where I also see my clients.

How I work

Only you understand what you want in your own life and a Coach’s skill is not to tell you what to do or to give you all of the answers. However, in order to help you unlock your full potential, as a Coach I will bring certain skills of my own.

I am a natural listener who listens to both what you are saying and what you aren’t saying. I am passionate about supporting my clients in whatever way they need. I can help you to feel more confident to live the life that you want to live.

I will ask questions, keep you focused, reflect on what you have said, help you work out what’s important to you and help you to stay motivated. What I won’t do is judge you.

I have helped clients with situations including making decisions, career challenges, marriage and family issues, being unhappy and feeling stuck as well as self-esteem and confidence issues.

Recently I have also worked with a number of clients who want to set up their own businesses and need coaching to work out how to make this happen. I work to support them take the leap from being an employee to being a business owner.

About My Clients

My current clients are men and women between the ages of 25-60 from various lifestyles and backgrounds all with different needs and challenges. Some came to me with their goals in mind and some needed space to explore what they really want.

The one thing that links them all is they have realised enough is enough and they want to make some kind of change.

If you are looking for an intuitive Life Coach who works with compassion and humour to encourage and support you, then we should probably talk.